Christophe Tafani-Dereeper

Hi! You have reached my personal webpage.
Computer Science student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) - Developper - Drummer

About me

My name is Christophe. I love web and software development, as well as everything that relates to new technologies and programming. I am currently pursuing my master in computer science at EPFL, located in Lausanne (Switzerland).


In the past few years, I have...

Created a JavaScript SDK for uJoin uJoin logo

(JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Grunt, testing with Jasmine, integration with a PHP backend)

uJoin is a Swiss-based social network whose goal is to take part to activities and meet new people. As part of my Bachelor project, I have developed a SDK to enable the uJoin mobile application and external developers to easily use the REST API.

Developed a Java reporting software

(Java, JFreeChart, FlyingSaucer)

It is used by a major Geneva's area real estate agency to generate building reports for their customers.

The software uses data from multiple CSV files to generate PDF reports containing fancy graphs and data visualizations.

Worked on a data warehouse project

(Java, Database design, Server administration)

I have collaborated with two Swiss institutions on a project to collect HR data from different sources, integrate it in a common database and compute indicators helping the decision making process.

The project also involved automating the process of fetching the data and processing it.

CourseAdvisor logo Launched a website for EPFL students

(PHP, Laravel Framework, Server administration, Bash scripting)

Together with a friend, we realized that choosing courses was not such an easy thing. From that, we developed an open-source platform where EPFL students can post reviews on the courses they have taken - CourseAdvisor. There are currently more than 450 students registred and 500 reviews posted.

Worked as a teaching assistant in EPFL courses

At EPFL, the role of a teaching assistant (TA) is mainly to help students during the practical programming sessions, to correct exams and to give feedback.

I have worked as a TA in several Java and C programming courses (1st and 2nd year of bachelor).

Facebook hackathon logo Taken part and won the 1st prize of a Facebook hackathon

(JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery)

Every year, Facebook engineers from London organize a hackathon at EPFL. The rules are very simple: you have 24 hours to find a cool idea, develop it, and present a working prototype.

My team and I started out from a simple problem: when you are at an event or a party, the music playing is not to everyone's taste. We came up with an realtime website where you can create rooms ; in each room, songs can be added in a few clicks from Youtube and anyone can vote for the songs they like the most by flashing a QR Code.

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Web development

  • PHP, Laravel Framework
  • JavaScript, NodeJS and SocketIO
  • Grunt

Software Development

  • Java
  • C
  • Android


  • Linux server administration, bash scripting
  • Git
  • Database design